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“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could
because someone else thought they could.”

Zig Ziglar


Dear Friends,


Who do you think of when you read that quote? Do you think of yourself and those you have encouraged? Do you immediately think of someone who positively impacted your life by expressing faith in you?

All my successes are because of the people who affirmed my talents and abilities when I couldn’t see them in myself. I’ll always be grateful for Mr. Sachs at Home of the Good Shepherd for Girls when I was being punished and away from home for the first time and he and his wife treated me as their own; a teacher at Caliente Youth Center when I was locked up again and feeling abandoned who made me feel less alone; my friend, Marilyn, and my family when I was being trafficked, telling me I didn’t belong there and helping me escape; Claudine Williams and Bill Morris making me feel I was the best assistant in the world and planting seeds of confidence in me; Senator Richard Bryan valuing my talents as he ran for Attorney General, judging me on my present even while knowing my past; Dan Russell and Bruno Mark recruiting me and to join their financial planning firm and supporting me through the rigorous testing even though I had no background in that area; Senator Harry Reid and then-Commission-candidate, Dario Herrera, becoming my first paying campaign clients, enabling me to open my own fundraising firm; Kenny Guinn and Sig Rogich who believed I deserved to be the first woman on the Athletic (Boxing) Commission and made it a reality; every friend (including Erica Norris, Caroline Ciocca, Dario Herrera, Julie Murray, Rob Elliott), who said, “Start your speaking coaching business and I’ll be your first student,” and followed through with their promise; then-Attorney-General, Catherine Cortez Masto, who nurtured me through coming out of my shameful shadows to share my secret in front of the Nevada Legislature which resulted in a freedom I didn’t know was possible; Robin Greenspun who convinced me that filming the story that caused me trauma would serve to heal trauma in others and, according to the response to the documentary, she was right; and, Beverly Rogers, who saw how survivors found freedom and became empowered advocates when I coached them through telling their stories in a safe and compelling way, and decided to finance an unlimited number of them through my classes. There were so many more cheerleaders that visited me along the way, I’ll never be able to recognize them all…but I’ll never forget them.

How about you? As you went through my list, who came to mind? Who affected your life by lifting you up, by guiding you, or by comforting you? If you have the opportunity to thank them directly, even if you’ve done it before, consider sending them a message of gratitude right now. And who needs your encouragement today? You know there is someone who could use a kind word, a “you can do it,” or a “you deserve better and I’m here to help.” Don’t hesitate a moment longer…just send the text or pick up the phone. You’ll both feel better. 

Validating a person’s worth and value is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other and it costs no money and little time. Make a habit of it and see what the universe sends back to you!

With gratitude,



Amy Ayoub

President, The Zen Speaker


The benefits of becoming a calm, confident and compelling speaker extend far beyond the stage. Whether it's in the boardroom, a sales meeting or a professional networking event, your public speaking skills will propel you forward in your career and throughout your life.

4-half day virtual, group coaching sessions are guided by Amy Ayoub. Classes begin Friday, September 16. 

TZS_Writers Retreat 10.22 and 12.22.png

Take a deep breath. Now imagine yourself with a small group of creative souls feeling what you’re feeling. This time it’s going to be different. No excuses. You’re in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. And you’re leaving with the speech (or book or blog) you’ve had in your subconscious for a long time. Out of your head, out of your heart, on paper and on the way to those who need and want to hear it. Finally. We will brainstorm, we’ll listen, we’ll write. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry (I hope because I love the catharsis of it), we’ll bond, and we’ll write. You'll be surrounded. inspired and nourished by the group's loving support.

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