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Beyond the Expected: 
Learning The Zen Speaker System (Level 1)

When in a crowded marketplace where others have similar expertise and experience, your communication skills will give you a competitive edge. Just making a few slight changes in your communication skills will create a significant difference in how you impact your audience. This is true whether you are speaking to one person or a room full of people. During this 4-month program, you’ll learn proven techniques designed to lessen the time you’ll need to reach your goals as you:

  • Become calm, confident and compelling in the spotlight

  • Gain instant credibility with your audience

  • Conquer anxiety through proven techniques you can practice anywhere

  • Present in a conversational and engaging manner

  • Discover and share your unique story to create a personal connection

  • Receive specific, in-the-moment coaching on your practice presentations

  • Practice 1-minute exercises that will crush that anxiety you still sometimes have when you’re in front of an audience

The benefits of becoming a calm, confident and compelling speaker - or writer - extend far beyond the stage. Whether it’s in the boardroom, a sales meeting or a professional networking event, your communication skills will propel you forward in your career and throughout your life.


What you need to know about Beyond the Expected:

  • The environment will be safe and respectful

  • All sessions are held virtually

  • Classes are from 8:30 am – noon

  • Class is limited to 12 people

  • Class Dates: Friday, May 17, 2024; Friday, June 21, 2024; Friday, July 19, 2024; and, Friday, August 16, 2024.


Take the first step and go Beyond the Expected with The Zen Speaker.

$2,500 is the Investment In Yourself!


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“I am so excited after taking Amy’s course, I now have all the tools I need to prepare and deliver an authentic and compelling speech. It is also amazing what I have learned from the other participants when they have presented their material for their speech. I really appreciated the individual feed-back.”

Eva Grøndahl Lundberg, Norway

As a student in Amy's teaching classes she not only addresses the various techniques and methods that will give you the skills that you need to give a good speaking performance, she also addresses your communication style as a whole. This way of teaching has made me aware of my own natural communication style and how I can improve on it to better interact with others in any situation.


Because of her engaging training, Amy has made me more calm and at ease in my delivery, not only because I am now more aware of the way I communicate, but because she has made me feel at home with being me, being authentic while I deliver my material. I cannot put a price tag on the impact this has made on the audiences I have interacted with so far - it is priceless and to see that in their eyes has truly made me realize the profound value of her teaching.

Michael Torpegart, Denmark

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