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The Zen Speaker Mastery
Aligning Purpose & Presence

Becoming a strong public speaker is about more than just learning techniques. The Zen Speaker Mastery helps you to master the three elements needed to become The Zen Speaker - calm, confident and compelling. In this course, you will go beyond your basic speaking strategies to connect with your authentic, purposeful and present self.

How can you conquer your fear of public speaking

and become calm, confident and compelling?

Most people connect ‘conquering’ with fighting, winning and trying to destroy the fear. But the secret to conquering something is to let it vanish from your life in a much more gentle way - by replacing it with self-compassion. Worries about being judged, thinking you’re not worthy, or struggling with imposter syndrome can all be healed with self-compassion, changing your self-talk, and being clear on your purpose.


Shift your mindset to intentional self love through breathwork, affirmations, visualizations, journaling prompts, meditations (that work for your style!), and more.

Speaking Techniques

Learn the secrets top speakers use to engage, entertain and inspire the audience. Increase your confidence, credibility and even your revenue.


Align your Values, Vision and Goals

Build your personal strategic plan to guide you in living the life you want and deserve. Clarify your values, vision, mission and goals.

“If you want to be a sensationally compelling speaker... it takes work. Yet, the work comes easier when it is guided by a coach, and there's no one better than the ultra-gifted and purely talented, Amy Ayoub.”

Jennifer Lier

Executive Speakers Bureau


Join Amy for a deep dive into practices you may never have thought can improve your speaking skills. Explore ways to incorporate self-care into your daily life and how, if you choose to do that, you’ll find yourself enjoying more and more moments of love, joy and freedom.

Once you stop judging yourself, the thought of others judging you will diminish, and your speaking confidence will grow in ways you never imagined.

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Speaking Techniques

Did you know you can have fun while speaking in front of an audience? Delve into a variety of exercises that will change the way you approach speaking, and ultimately how powerfully your message is delivered. You will also learn how body language, vocal variety and connecting with your audience can work to your advantage.

This phase of the course will not only re-wire the way you feel about presenting; it will transform the way you present and are perceived by the audience.

“This was one of the most extraordinary experiences I have had in my personal and professional development. Working with Amy in a group setting was so informative, nurturing, supportive, expansive...I could keep going on!”

Lee Papa

Speaker, Author & Advisor

Align your Values,
Vision and Goals

It’s easier to get to your desired destination with a roadmap. Companies are aware of that and invest in strategic plans. A personal strategic plan is equally as important. You will identify your top values, create your personal mission and vision statements and find clarity on your desired goals.


Only when you fully know yourself, can you communicate authentically and connect with the audience on a deeper level.

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“I realized that being a zen speaker is less about speaking and more about being in a state of inner peace, being centered, focused. After drafting my speech and practicing it a few times, I was able to allow myself to be ‘in the flow.’ Let the words come through me. It was truly magical!”

Coco Llenas

Inspirational Speaker

The Zen Speaker Mastery Course Highlights

  • Enjoy 12 monthly virtual live-coaching sessions with Amy (recordings available)

  • Practice guided exercises to build confidence, creativity and authenticity

  • Explore a variety of tools and exercises proven to reduce anxiety

  • Get to know yourself and uncover your personal goals

  • Connect with Amy between sessions for feedback

  • Use creative writing prompts to change the way you feel about yourself and how you feel about public speaking

  • Join a community of individuals focused on becoming the best version of themselves

  • Build your personal mission statement and better define your vision

  • Learn invaluable speaking strategies and techniques

  • Transform your self-doubt to self-love

  • Learn from guest experts on various topics throughout the year

  • Embrace healthy self-care habits to shift your mindset and overcome negative self-talk

Do You Feel Stuck?
Do You Find Yourself...

Find Clarity with The Zen Speaker Mastery As You...

Feeling Anxious and Afraid Before Every Speech?

Engaging in Negative Self-Talk That's Holding You Back?

Fumbling Through Presentations?

Suffering from Imposter Syndrome?

Become Confident and Engaging During Every Speaking Opportunity

Accept Yourself So Fully That Every Day Feels Like a New Opportunity for Greatness

Calmly Deliver Powerful and Impactful Messages

Identify Your Purpose and Find Your Authentic Voice

When you’re in alignment with your purpose, 
you can transform lives.

“Amy has made me feel at home with being me, being authentic while I deliver my material. I cannot put a price tag on the impact this has made on the audiences I have interacted with so far.”

Michael Torpegart

Technology Expert, Denmark

About Amy Ayoub

Embracing her strength as a public speaker with an entrepreneurial spirit, Amy obtained her certification as a World Class Speaking coach and began assisting clients on their journey to share their stories, find peace behind the podium, and move audiences to action. As a result of working with Amy – utilizing her supportive nature and ability for bringing out each person’s unique voice – clients report remarkable increases in revenue, acceptance as experts in their various fields, and a greater feeling of preparedness, confidence and connection whether presenting to an audience of one or one-thousand.


The difference between The Zen Speaker (you!) and other speakers is that focused energy will flow from your core into the audience, landing with love, impact and inspiration.

- Amy Ayoub

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the program cost? Can I make payments over time?

The investment in yourself is $1,500 for one year of coaching, live virtual calls, homework, access to a private Facebook group with others on their self-growth journey, and much more.


Both one-time and monthly payments options are available. When a one-time payment is not the best option for you, we offer a monthly payment option of $130 per month for 12 months.


What is the meeting schedule?

We will meet virtually - live on Zoom - on the last Tuesday of the month. Meetings will start promptly at 11:00am PST and include 45 minutes of coaching and 15 minutes of Q&A.

What if I can’t attend a live Zoom?

You will have lifetime access to the live session recordings to watch whenever is most convenient for you. Additionally, you will be able to connect with your group members for support in the Facebook group if you miss a session.


What resources are available other than the live sessions?

The Zen Speaker Mastery course is developed to help you continuously grow throughout the year. We ensure your learning continues even after the live Zoom has ended.


Additional opportunities to meet with guest experts, receive Amy’s recommendations on powerful Public Speaking books, and access to the private Facebook Group are just a few of the resources available to you.

What life-changing shifts will I experience?

We understand the value of your time and the “busy-ness“ that daily life often presents! By giving yourself the gift of a full year of coaching and personal development, you will improve more than just your speaking skills. You will find your authentic voice, clarity of purpose, confidence, self acceptance, mindset shifts, and so much more.


Magic is waiting for you inside this program and in one year you will be glad you made the commitment!

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