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Partner Like Pitbull & Build Your Business

Are you already marketing your product or service, asking for referrals, speaking at organizations, going to every networking event you can fit into your schedule, and still thinking, “What can I do to get more clients?” It’s a quandary many find themselves in, especially during this economically challenging time.

What more can you do to build your client or customer base?  How about collaborating? Think about it…the most successful professional speakers and music artists embrace collaboration to increase their client (fan) base. 

For instance, Pitbull is a talented singer-songwriter and producer with 12 hits on the top 40 charts including Give Me Everything which went to #1, and his Facebook fan page ranks in the top #25 of those with the most fans. He’s a prolific celebrity spokesperson, landing endorsement deals with Dr. Pepper, Voli vodka and Kodak. It’s almost impossible not to have heard of him because he was on the Today Show, American Idol and the Wall Street Journal show—mainstream shows we all watch. He has partnered with Las Vegas’ own Ne-Yo, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the Miami Dolphins, Jimmy Buffet, Sean “P Diddy” Combs and Kelly Rowland, among others.

In each of these efforts, Pitbull has collaborated with an accomplished artist or organization that has a loyal following, utilized his talents to grow both of their brands, and then, leveraged that success to move to the next level. And he is so successful at this that artists are clamoring to collaborate with him in order to expand their fan base. He’s being asked to speak, not just about his latest hit songs, but on his marketing skills and his leadership in this area. 

Pitbull said, “When I started to work with other artists, that’s when everything started to explode for me.” He certainly isn’t the first or only artist to know the power of collaboration. Some legends recorded “duets” albums for this very reason. Did you hear Tony Bennett’s rendition of Body and Soul with the late Amy Winehouse? How about Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton singing Islands in the Stream? CMT (Country Music Television) even embraced this concept to broaden their audience by having a country star perform classic hits with an artist of another genre—Faith Hill and The Pretenders, Keith Urban and John Mayer, Taylor Swift and Def Leopard, etc. Each of these artists achieved success in their own rite, made their fortunes; and yet, they still collaborate. Why…because they understand the need to stay relevant and grow their audience while still providing quality music to their loyal fans.

Professional speakers often team up with other speakers to put on a seminar or conference.  They don’t say, “I don’t want my competition anywhere near me!” They ask, “Who compliments what I speak about, can add value to the audience, and expand each of our client bases?" Who can you partner with on your next workshop or presentation that will allow you to share your message with a new, more extensive audience?

Perhaps there is an expert in a different area of your field, like an attorney or CPA if you’re in financial advising or real estate, who would encourage their clients to attend; maybe, a well known author in your subject area, whose name you can include in marketing materials; or it could be a high profile media person who will announce her participation on air. Both of you will be marketing your own brands and services, so you are offering an opportunity for positive exposure and your partner contributes by attracting a larger and varied audience. You can also partner with a group by sponsoring their event—Chambers of Commerce and nonprofits have these opportunities all the time. By taking advantage of the “sponsor moment,” you are being given an opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism, expertise and the benefits of working with you and your team.

Through strategic collaboration, you will build your credibility among prospective clients, leverage your limited time and resources, and garner a new cheerleader in your new partner because you now have a vested interest in the other’s success.

So partner like Pitbull and watch your business flourish!


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