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Speak UP to Build UP Your Business, Pt II

There are three significant benefits that come from good, let alone great, public speaking.  Last month, we covered the credibility factor that is bestowed on those who are compelling and confident speakers. 

By embracing public speaking you will also gain incredible amounts of VISIBILITY. 

How can you stand out in a networking group of 100? How can you stand out at a charitable event of 500 people?  How can you stand out at any event? Of course, we know many negative ways you can stand out but we’re talking about positive here! You can stand out by SPEAKING UP. It’s the person who leads a meeting, introduces a keynote speaker, gives a keynote speech, facilitates a planning session, or conducts a seminar who stands out from the thousands of others who provide the same service or product.

The visibility you are given when you stand up and speak up is priceless. The more people see you, the more likely you’ll be thought of first when they need your services.

Have you ever noticed that the same people are asked over and over again to emcee events or to speak at association meetings? Why is that? It’s because they say yes to speaking opportunities. They are exposed repeatedly to those they know and even more to those they don’t know. When they do a good job they are remembered in a positive way. The next time someone from that audience is tasked with finding an emcee for another event, that speaker pops into mind and the cycle continues.

There are many good speakers and quite a few great ones—they just don’t always choose to showcase their abilities; and therefore, remain a talented secret. Don’t let your talents go unnoticed—stand up and take action!

If credibility and visibility were the only two benefits you gained from public speaking that would be more than enough reason to hone your skills. There is still another valuable reason to take every opportunity to speak as you build your business—look for Part III in the next blog post.

Until then, remember to SPEAK UP!


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