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Dear Friend:


My sister often sends me articles she thinks I’ll find interesting, and I was especially thrilled to receive her most recent one because it was satisfying to my ego. It validated my aversion to PowerPoint or other slide programs where words lay lifelessly on the screen while the speaker talks, often just as lifelessly! You may want to read what I wrote about the subject last June in my newsletter, Are You Hopelessly Addicted to PowerPoint?


Since it doesn’t look like we can make 2022 a challenge-free year, could we at least make it a PowerPoint-free one? I vote yes! For those of you who have taken my classes, read my thoughts about it or listened to one of my rants and still weren’t convinced, perhaps this article from will help you set yourself free!


Science Just Discovered Your Brain Really Hates PowerPoint


PowerPoint-style presentations force you to multitask in ways that your brain can't really handle. Almost all presentations (PowerPoint or otherwise) entail a presenter talking while displaying slides full of words. The idea is that the words on the screen support the words being spoken, thereby increasing both comprehension and retention. There's only one problem, presentations decrease comprehension and retention, because the human brain is really bad at any multitasking that involves using the same part of the brain. Psychologist Marc Countanche from the University of Pittsburgh explains in Popular Mechanics.



What do you think? Will you join me in trading in the time you spend on preparing slides for time you practice connecting with your audience? You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes for both of you!

With gratitude,



Amy Ayoub

President, The Zen Speaker |

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NEW! Supportive Coaching with Amy Ayoub


Because this method of coaching has propelled me forward this past year in the areas I’ve been concentrating on in my life, I’m offering it to those of you who have been wanting a consistent, yet less intense, coaching opportunity with me.


Of course, we can work on writing and delivering speeches, but I’m also offering my life and business coaching experience in this package. You may want to follow the example of some of my recent clients and let me support you in a personal strategic planning process using the mind-mapping method I use to create speeches. It’s creative, fun and effective.


Join me for this year long coaching—or give yourself the gift of 4 months to see how it benefits you—and watch the quantum leaps you take toward the life of your dreams!

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