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In this week's edition: How to Say Goodbye

What makes a speaker memorable? Speakers who put as much, or more, effort into the way they will close their speech as they do into the content of it are the ones we remember.

How about you? How much time do you invest in how you’re leaving your audience? Even good speakers, who start with a compelling opening, make their points clearly and concisely, brilliantly use storytelling, and deliver in a powerful way, often leave the audience with a lackluster, "Thank you, I appreciate your time and attention." Or, worse yet, they conduct their Q&A at the end and the last words the audience hears are, "Any more questions? No? Okay, I guess that’s it. Thanks." No, say it isn’t so!


There are several ways you can close your presentation that will make you stand out as a great speaker instead of just a good one. You want to be memorable, don’t you?

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