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Personalized Speech Prep and Coaching

Whether you're a seasoned professional or taking your first turn behind the podium, fresh insight and new public speaking techniques will breathe life into your next presentation. For those who desire intense focus on improving a single aspect of their public speaking skills or in-depth work on a presentation, Amy offers a variety individual coaching packages tailored to fit your needs. 

Your individual coaching sessions with Amy will include any combination of:

  • Crafting compelling and memorable presentations

  • Creating riveting acceptance speeches or 2-minute business sponsorship or campaign presentations

  • One-on-one sessions to master your delivery techniques

  • Improving your existing presentations based on proven techniques

  • Breathing exercises to conquer and control anxiety

  • Amy's attendance at your next presentation with a follow-up critique session

  • Identifying new speaking opportunities that will grow and enhance your business


Contact Amy today to Schedule Your FREE 15-Minute Consultation. 

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