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Beyond the Podium

Mastering The Zen Speaker System (Level 3)

You’re an experienced speaker or have taken The Zen Speaker - Beyond the Expected course. In that course, you learned to no longer begin your speeches with pleasantries, and instead have compelling openings to engage your audience immediately. You learned to incorporate stories into all your communications and do so now because you know it’s the best way to connect with your audiences of one or one thousand people. And you learned to make it about the audience.

You are now more relaxed when you speak than you were before the course. And, hopefully, you remember to use the “hissing” breathing exercise to calm your nerves and focus your energy.

So now what? Isn’t that enough to know about public speaking and communication? No! You’re better than you were and now you’re ready to go Beyond the Podium! Don’t worry if you forgot some of the above-mentioned techniques; we’ll do a review of those basics and then go zooming beyond them!



What’s the same about Beyond the Podium:

  • The environment will be safe and respectful

  • Sessions are once a month for 3 months (I pick the first date and when we’re together as a group, we choose the following two dates so everyone has input)

  • Classes are from 8:30 am - noon

  • Class is limited to 10 people

  • You’ll continue improving your vocal variety and practicing improvisation techniques 


What’s different about Beyond the Podium:

  • You'll learn to present in a conversational and engaging manner

  • You'll master the art of being present and become an expert listener

  • You'll learn how to communicate extemporaneously and stay on message in any situation 

  • You’ll get specific, in-the-moment coaching on your practice presentations

  • You’ll do on-the-spot writing/outlining/mind mapping exercises so you will become comfortable speaking with very short notice

  • You'll practice interview techniques and receive media training


What do you need to do to make sure you don’t miss out on Beyond the Podium and go from a less nervous, competent speaker to a Calm, Confident and Compelling speaker:

  • Clear your calendar for the morning of Friday, July 15, 2022—you can do it!

  • Reserve your seat using the link below. Payments must be made by Friday, July 8, 2022

  • Exhale and know that in 2023, you will no longer dread giving presentations or speaking in any situation; you will look forward to it! You might even seek out opportunities to speak!




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