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Dear Friends,


I’ve often been pleasantly surprised during my years as a public speaking coach. I’ve witnessed massive transformations, indescribable courage, and heart-breaking/heart-changing stories.

But I’ve only been shocked once and that was from one of my student’s acts of kindness and generosity that still has me shaking my head when I think about it because I found it so unbelievable.  But that’s what Beverly Rogers is known for: making the unbelievable come to life.

Beverly became a student and a friend at the same time. After her husband died, she moved to the front of the stage for their foundation and that’s when she reached out to me, determined to improve her confidence when she could speak with impact. She had no intention of speaking just to speak; she wanted it to be meaningful.


She worked with me individually for a while and then decided it might be fun to take one of my classes, so she signed up when the next one was offered. She enjoyed it and soon signed up for the advanced class.

What happened there, besides her becoming a calm, confident and compelling speaker, was unexpected and could only come from a visionary like Beverly. After learning to use the mind map method I walked the class through to prepare their speeches, she took that concept and used it for more than her speeches. She took some alone time and made a mind map for what she wanted her philanthropy to look like and to accomplish. I don’t think she came up with anything typical.

To see an example of what I mean by that, please read the letter included in this report that I presented to her, revealing the impact her gift has had for just the past two of the five years. The ripple effect that will continue long after we’re both no longer on this earth is incalculable.  

Sharing this report is meant to serve in a few ways: To publicly thank Beverly Rogers for her big heart and creative philanthropy; to allow Beverly to inspire you to rethink how you really want to give to a cause or person; to show you how students feel they’ve benefited from this particular gift; to remind you that you can advocate in different ways—I’m advocating when I help someone tell their story in a compelling and safe manner and it ends up healing them and helping others; and, to get the word out that, because of Beverly’s vision and altruism, you can receive support in creating, refining and delivering your story so you can let others know there is help and there is hope.  

If you know Beverly, you know no amount of raving about her does her justice. If you don’t, please take the time to learn more about what she does through her foundation and privately—many activities you enjoy in our community may very well be because of her generosity.


I have benefited greatly by knowing Beverly Rogers. She’s a friend that always leaves me feeling uplifted when we’re together because she makes me laugh so much. The coaching I already loved now combines my two purposes (healing shame and finding your power through speaking and advocating for survivors) because of her. I’ve learned more about literature through her hobby of book collecting and will now be exposed to endless indie films because of her The Beverly Theater. And I changed how and why I give my time and money because she led the way so brilliantly and brought me clarity through her example. 


Is your philanthropy working for you? Is it making the difference you hoped it would? Consider finding something you can change in the way you give that would leave others saying,  “Wow, look at the difference she has made! I want to be like her!”


Beverly, I hope you hear all the voices declaring that about you!

With gratitude,



Amy Ayoub

President, The Zen Speaker


The benefits of becoming a calm, confident and compelling speaker extend far beyond the stage. Whether it's in the boardroom, a sales meeting or a professional networking event, your public speaking skills will propel you forward in your career and throughout your life.

4-half day virtual, group coaching sessions are guided by Amy Ayoub. Classes begin Friday, April 7, 2023

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